Documents for Teachers

Folder RTI Manual (1 Files)
doc file MCS_2017_2018_RTI_FINAL_FINAL.docx
Folder Professional Learning Communities (1 Files)
doc file PLCGuide_for_Marion_County_7.3.17_.doc.docx
Folder Homebound Teacher Timesheet (1 Files)
doc file HB Timesheet
Folder Mastery Connect User Guide (4 Files)
doc file How to add sub-standards
pdf file How to assess students
pdf file How to report data reports
pdf file Mastery Connect User Guide
Folder Learning Style Inventory (2 Files)
pdf file LearningStyleInventory.pdf
pdf file learningstyleinventory_survey.pdf
Folder Co-Teaching/Inclusion (1 Files)
pdf file 10_Tips_Planning_Time.pdf
Folder Assessment Literacy & Test Item Alignment (1 Files)
ppt file Assessment Literacy Training.pptx
Folder How to close the Achievement gap? (1 Files)
ppt file Clinch_Powell(CPPP) doc_Revised for 0829.pptx
Folder Pearson Access Report Instructions (3 Files)
pdf file Pearson Access for High Schools(1).pdf
doc file Pearson Questions for teachers.docx
doc file Pearson Access for Elementary Schools.docx
Folder Using Pearson/TVAAS Root cause and PPT (4 Files)
doc file SIP_Data_and_Root_Cause_Analysis_Crosswalk.docx
ppt file TEAM and Data (update 8.29.12).ppt
ppt file Elementary TVAAS basics.pptx
doc file How to use TVAAS and Log In
Folder ACT Quality CORE (3 Files)
ppt file QualityCore-BFK 2-22-13.ppt
ppt file hawkins2014.ppt
doc file ACT Quality Core Instructions.docx
Folder Tier I Instruction Deep Dive (1 Files)
ppt file Tier1_Deeper Dive_Scott and Campbell_Draft.pptx