Documents for Teachers

Folder RTI Manual (1 Files)
Download MCS_2017_2018_RTI_FINAL_FINAL.docx
Folder Professional Learning Communities (1 Files)
Download PLCGuide_for_Marion_County_7.3.17_.doc.docx
Folder Homebound Teacher Timesheet (1 Files)
Download HB Timesheet
Folder Mastery Connect User Guide (4 Files)
Download How to add sub-standards
Download How to assess students
Download How to report data reports
Download Mastery Connect User Guide
Folder Learning Style Inventory (2 Files)
Download LearningStyleInventory.pdf
Download learningstyleinventory_survey.pdf
Folder Co-Teaching/Inclusion (1 Files)
Download 10_Tips_Planning_Time.pdf
Folder Assessment Literacy & Test Item Alignment (1 Files)
Download Assessment Literacy Training.pptx
Folder How to close the Achievement gap? (1 Files)
Download Clinch_Powell(CPPP) doc_Revised for 0829.pptx
Folder Pearson Access Report Instructions (3 Files)
Download Pearson Access for Elementary Schools.docx
Download Pearson Access for High Schools(1).pdf
Download Pearson Questions for teachers.docx
Folder Using Pearson/TVAAS Root cause and PPT (4 Files)
Download Elementary TVAAS basics.pptx
Download How to use TVAAS and Log In
Download SIP_Data_and_Root_Cause_Analysis_Crosswalk.docx
Download TEAM and Data (update 8.29.12).ppt
Folder ACT Quality CORE (3 Files)
Download ACT Quality Core Instructions.docx
Download hawkins2014.ppt
Download QualityCore-BFK 2-22-13.ppt
Folder Tier I Instruction Deep Dive (1 Files)
Download Tier1_Deeper Dive_Scott and Campbell_Draft.pptx