Programs of Study By Career Cluster

What are Career Clusters and Programs of Study?

Career Clusters are the 16 nationally recognized occupational areas by the U.S. Department of Education and the U.S. Department of Labor. A Program of Study (POS) is a progressive sequence of subject/topic specific courses within a promoted Career Cluster.

Tennessee’s Career and Technical Education (CTE) Programs of Study (PsOS) are meant to provide a relevant framework of industry-aligned, rigorous courses which progress a student in knowledge and skills year over year. They also provide invaluable opportunities for students to experience a subject they are passionate about and explore interests which could lead to postsecondary learning and future career paths. These sequenced courses also reflect and support the three credit “elective focus” requirement for graduation. Level one courses are most often taken by students in ninth grade.  

The current Programs of Study by Career Cluster for Marion County high schools are listed in the table below. High schools at which each POS is offered are designated as Marion County High School (MCHS); South Pittsburg High School (SPHS); and Whitwell High School (WHS).


                                                         Programs of Study By Career Cluster (School Year 2016-2017)


Career Cluster

Program of Study

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Advanced Manufacturing

Welding  (MCHS, SPHS)

Principles of Manufacturing (5922)

Welding I (6078)

Welding II (6033)

Manufacturing Practicum (5926)

Architecture & Construction

Structural Systems  (SPHS, WHS)

Fundamentals of Construction (6073)

Structural Systems I (6164)

Structural Systems II (6165)

Construction Practicum (6160)

Advanced Manufacturing

Machining Technology (MCHS)

Principles of Manufacturing (5922)

Principles of Machining I (5929)

Principles of Machining II (5923)

Manufacturing Practicum (5926)

Business Management & Administration

Business Technology (MCHS, SPHS, WHS)

Computer Applications (5891)

Business Communications (5888)

Business Management (5889)

Advanced Computer Applications, Honors (59041)


Banking and Finance (MCHS)

Introduction to Business & Marketing (5905)

Accounting I (5910)

Banking & Finance (5899)

Financial Planning (5890)

Education & Training

Teaching as a Profession (MCHS, SPHS, WHS)

Fundamentals of Education (6123)

Teaching as a  Profession I (6010)

Teaching as a  Profession II (6125)

Teaching As A  Profession III (6126)

Human Services

Family Studies      (Social Health Services) (MCHS, WHS)

Introduction to Human Studies (6137)

Lifespan Development (6013)

Family Studies (6136)

Human Services Practicum (6138) and/or Psychology (3433)

Health Science

Therapeutic Nursing Services (MCHS, SPHS, WHS)

Health Science Education (5998)

Medical Therapeutics (5999)

Anatomy and Physiology (5991)

Nursing Education, Honors (60001)

Health Science

Health Informatics (MCHS, SPHS, WHS)

Health Science Education (5998)

Medical Terminology (5883)

Health Information Technology (HIT 4098) (HIT is offered as an on-line, dual enrollment course through Cleveland State Community College)


Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (STEM)

Engineering - Project Lead The Way (MCHS, SPHS, WHS)

Introduction to Engineering Design (PLTW), Honors (60541)

Principles of Engineering (PLTW), Honors (60521)

Civil Engineering & Architecture (PLTW), Honors (60561) OR Digital Electronics (PLTW), Honors (60531) OR Robotics & Automated Systems (6143)

Engineering Design & Development (PLTW), Honors (60591)

Transportation, Distribution, & Logistics

Automotive Collision Repair (MCHS)

Introduction to Collision Repair (6172)


Collision Repair: Non-Structural (6062)

Collision Repair: Painting & Refinishing (6063) 


Each POS has two graphics on the individual webpage. The Program of Study graphic shows the sequence of Career and Technical Education (CTE) and academic courses required as well as complementary electives. The Pathway graphic illustrates the multiple entry and exit paths available for careers within each POS.