Marion County Schools Early Childhood Program - Pre-K

Marion County School District has six Pre-K classrooms.  The following chart shows where each class is located":

Jasper Elementary

Monteagle Elementary

South Pittsburg Elementary

Whitwell Elementary

2 Classrooms

1 Classroom

1 Classroom

2 Classrooms

Each classroom is taught by a teacher holding a Master's Degree or higher.  There is a ParaPro working closely with each teacher. All of our ParaPros are highly qualified according to the State of Tennessee standards.  We have a maximum of twenty students per classroom.

Big Day for PreK

We are excited this year to be offering a new Pre-K curriculum; Big Day for Pre-K.  This is a state approved curriculum that meets and provides for all State Standards for Pre-K (TNELDS). Our teachers are very excited to start this journey with your child.

  •     Play is the work of early childhood, and learning should be fun.
  •     Learning proceeds from prior knowldege - moving from what children already know to the new.
  •     The best education program provides integrated learning experiences.
  •     Literacy development depends on ample opportunity to use expressive and receptive oral lanuage: on exposure to print in many forms; on opportunities to draw and to write; and on explicit examination of sounds and letters.
  •     Healthy social development is a key to success in school--and in life.


Our teachers are very creative in developing the themes.  You may find yourself in a park, at the zoo, in the garden or at the museum!  Our children are eager to learn, and find new things to explore everyday!

If you would like to know more about our program, please contact:

Mrs. Sharon Carlton
Director of Federal Programs and Early Childhood
P.O. Box 40
Whitwell, TN 37405