Survey for Parent/Guardian of the 2019-2020  Pre-K student. Below you will find the survey in two forms. Thank you for your input. 

The Optional version can be completed on-line.
The paper version can be downloaded, completed and returned to your school.

Choose the one that works best for you.

Optional Version

Paper Version

Resources For Parents

Elementary Grades

K Video

Q2 K Video

Q3 K Video

1st Grade

1st Video

Q2 1st Video

Q3 1st Video

2nd Grade

2nd Part One

2nd Part Two

Q2 2nd Video Addition

Q2 2nd Video Subtracting

Q2 2nd Parent Guide

Q3 2nd Video

Q3 2nd Parent Guide

3rd Grade


Q2 3rd Video

Q2 3rd Parent Guide

Q3 3rd Video

Q3 3rd Parent Guide

4th Grade

4th Video

Q2 4th Video

Q2 4th Parent Guide

Q3 4th Parent Guide

Middle School Grades
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade
8th Grade

High School Subjects

Algebra I

Algebra I Video

Algebra II

Video Player

Video Player

Parent Help Document